Recent Publications

Law and Practice regarding Merger
Author etc. : Akihito Taniguchi
Publication : Chuokeizai-sha
Review of “Comparative Study Between the Japanese and Chinese Civil Procedure Law”
Author etc. : Kenko Shikichi , Shintaro Hino
Publication : KOKUSAI SHOJI HOMU (International Business Law and Practice) (No. 6 of 2017) Vol. 45 No. 6 (Issue No. 660).
Guide To Antitrust Law That Enhances Compliance (No. 3) - Part 1: How To Enrich Cartel Prevention Investigations and Audits
Author etc. : Shunsuke Yabuuchi
Publication : Business Law Journal
Looking Back on Court Precedents Relating to Trade Secrets in 2016
Author etc. : Masami Akutsu
Publication : E-mail Newsletter of Public-Private Forum on Trade Secrets
Drafting Effective Arbitration Clauses
Author etc. : Masafumi Kodama
Publication : The Lawyers
Legal Practice Concerning Cemeteries Burial/Law/Contract/Management/Inheritance
Author etc. : Masami Akutsu
Publication : Nihon Kajo Shuppan
Civil Procedure Law of China ‘Provisions, Comparison between Japan and China, and Commentary of Essential Points’ (6)
Author etc. : Daisuke Sakai , Katsutoshi Ando , Shintaro Hino , Lihua Tang
Publication : “KOKUSAI SHOJI HOMU (International Business Law and Practice) (No. 9 of 2016) Vol. 44 No. 9 (Issue No. 651).
Corporate Scandal: Guidance for Ex-post Facto Response Thereto – In-house Survey, Response to Media, The Third Party Committee –
Author etc. : Yutaka Kiso
Publication : Economic Legal Research Institute
What business vehicle should you choose for your next subsidiary or acquisition in the United States?
Author etc. : Shizu Machino
Practical Handbook on the Operation of Board of Officers
Author etc. : Shintaro Hino
Publication : Shojihomu Co., Ltd.