Privacy Policy

Kitahama takes the utmost care to protect the private information provided by our clients by using a cutting-edge security system and providing continuous education to staff handling the private information. The private information of our clients is under strict control of our unified system, and unless required to be disclosed by law, shall not be used for purposes other than those listed below:

1. Any and all processes required or appropriate for the resolution of a case undertaken by Kitahama
2. Conflict check prior to the undertaking of a case
3. Sending of various notices or announcement letters
4. Purposes individually approved by clients
5. Identity confirmation in accordance with the rules of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations

For any request or inquiry relating to the change or elimination of private information managed by Kitahama, please contact the division below. Please understand that, if required for fulfilling our legal duties, or in the event of information change requests which would result in false information, Kitahama may not agree to your request for change or elimination of private information. Please provide us your contact information in making an inquiry just in case we are obliged to confirm your identity.

Division in Charge: General Affairs Division Osaka Securities Exchange Bldg.
1-8-16 Kitahama, Chuo-ku
Osaka 541-0041, Japan
Phone: (81)-6-6202-1088