Introduction to Authorities’ Inspection Measures for Type II Financial Instruments Business Operators

Seminar Outline

Date and Time May 12, 2016 13:00 - 16:00 
Sponsor Financial Management Forums, Inc.
Supporter Kitahama Partners
Place Conference room of Kitahama Partners   Map
Lecturers Wataru Nakamori , Keiko Horino , Kaori Motooka 
The charge of attendance 34,900 yen (consumption tax and reference materials included) * However, if two or more people from the same company apply for such seminar at the same time, the fee is 29,000 yen each from the second person on. When applying through our office, the fee is 29,000 yen per person for every participant.
Practice Areas Finance

This seminar will clearly explain matters related to inspection measures for Type II financial instruments business operators. These will be explained in conformity with the work, such as the attitude required of a Type II financial instruments business operator, the basic behavior regulations and how to handle them such as various prohibited acts related to advertising and solicitation, and work to create statutory books and various internal rules to establish a framework. This seminar will cover the respective points of view of a lecturer who is a lawyer and a lecture who is an administrative scrivener.