Legal Affairs and Practices for Trust Beneficiary Right Trading Operation

Seminar Outline

Date and Time Nov. 28, 2016 13:00 - 17:00 
Sponsor Financial Management Forums, Inc.
Place Conference room of Kitahama Partners   Map
Lecturers Wataru Nakamori , Keiko Horino , Kaori Motooka 
The charge of attendance 36,000 yen (consumption tax and reference materials included) * However, if two or more people from the same company apply for such seminar at the same time, the fee is 31,000 yen each from the second person on. When applying through our office, the fee is 31,000 yen per person for every participant.
Practice Areas Finance

Since the Lehman collapse, there has been a succession of bankruptcies among real estate companies. However, the balance of funds procured and maintained by Japanese asset liquidation trusts has maintained a high standard of approximately 63.3 trillion yen (as of the end of March, 2016. 32.1 trillion of which is in real estate). The importance of trust beneficiary rights dealings, and especially asset liquidation schemes using trusts, does not appear to be waning. We can also expect the further complicated trading scheme in accordance of experience of the succession of bankruptcies. However, in order to trade trust beneficiary rights, businesses must register as Type 2 Financial Instrument Business Operators as defined by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and are required by law to undertake continuous training after such registration. Additionally, in the case of staff reassignments in which the staff managing their investments changes, businesses must revise their registration paperwork.

  This seminar is for anyone involved (or looking to be involved) in trust beneficiary rights transactions. We will be giving practical and easy-to-understand explanations from lawyers and administrative scriveners on the fundamentals of trust and asset liquidity schemes, business regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and how to prepare your company for these transactions.