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We no longer live in a time when international legal practice is categorized as a specialized field. At present, most Japanese corporations have expanded their businesses overseas or, at least, have regular transactions with foreign companies. In addition, foreign investment into Japan by major multi-national corporations continues to increase. At Kitahama Partners as well, the previous boundaries between domestic and international matters continue to disappear, with an increasing number of our attorneys becoming licensed to practice in the United States or other foreign countries in addition to Japan, and handling cross-border legal matters on a daily basis. Our legal practice covers a wide range of countries, including matters involving North America, South America, Europe, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Russia. In order to meet the specific needs of both our domestic and international clients, we have established specialized practice groups, which include highly skilled attorneys who have experience working and residing such geographic areas. Our firm also provides a wide range of international legal services, from commercial transactions, such as the import and export of commercial products, the drafting and negotiating of commercial agreements, and legal issues relating to the establishment of local corporations and factories, to M&A, large-scale financing, intellectual property transactions, technology transfers, antitrust matters, tax issues, and international disputes. In order to be able to provide such services in an effective and efficient manner, our firm continues to reinforce and expand our network and cooperative relationships with overseas law firms and also promote internationalization within our firm, thereby further establishing our firm as having one of the leading teams of international legal specialists in Japan.

SeminarsSeminar Archives

Mar. 07, 2018
Corporate Legal Affairs and Accounting in Thailand - Pitfalls That Japanese Corporations Encounter in the Expansion Thereinto -(Yasumasa Sakamoto)
Feb. 15, 2018
Pakistan Investment/Risk Management Seminar(Yasumasa Sakamoto)
Dec. 04, 2017
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.’s Business Management Seminar on Capturing the Chinese Market – Multifaceted Commentary on Management of the Subsidiaries of Chinese Companies(Shintaro Hino, Lihua Tang)

PublicationsPublication Archives

Civil Procedure Law of China ‘Provisions, Comparison between Japan and China, and Commentary of Essential Points’ (8)(Daisuke Sakai, Shintaro Hino, Lihua Tang)
Review of “Comparative Study Between the Japanese and Chinese Civil Procedure Law”(Kenko Shikichi, Shintaro Hino)
Drafting Effective Arbitration Clauses(Masafumi Kodama)

Newsletter/Law ReviewNewsletter/Law Review

Apr. 02, 2018
How to deal with Labor Tribunal Proceedings (Roudou-Shinpan) filed against your company by employees in Japan.(Masataka Shitanishi)
Mar. 15, 2018
Japan-EU Trade Agreement: How will investment disputes be settled?(Jiri Mestecky, Miyako Ikuta, DARJUZON ALIX)
Mar. 13, 2018
Provisions on Review of Recognition and Execution of Arbitral Awards Announced by the Supreme People's Court(Masafumi Kodama, Shintaro Hino, Lihua Tang)

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Apr. 15, 2018
Serial article about Civil Procedure Law of China written by the China Practice Team was published in KOKUSAI SHOJI HOMU (No. 4 of 2018) Vol. 46 No. 4(Issue No. 670).
Mar. 07, 2018
Sakamoto Yasumasa gave a lecture entitled “Corporate Legal Affairs and Accounting in Thailand - Pitfalls That Japanese Corporations Encounter in the Expansion Thereinto –“ in the International legal practice workshop (Part 12) jointly sponsored by Osaka Bar Association and the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Kinki Chapter, on March 7th, 2018.
Dec. 04, 2017
Shintaro Hino and Lihua Tang gave a lecture entitled “Business Management Seminar on Capturing the Chinese Market” sponsored by Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC and The Chugoku Bank, Ltd..